30 April 2010

The Power

As an empath, I sometimes feel like I have a certain power over others. I understand their feelings and what it would take to make them feel one thing or another. I know what I would have to do to change their emotions. I know what to do to make them smile; I know what to say to make them cry.

I don't enjoy making people cry, since it upsets me almost as much as it upsets them, but it's an interesting power to employ. Usually, I keep this ability locked up; I hate making people cry. Sometimes, however, it just happens--usually when I feel it would be beneficial to me (this is mostly an unconscious process) or if my inhibitions are lowered (see rule 8) and I care less than I usually would.

Empaths can be powerful beings. Be wary around them. But don't think me a cruel, heartless being; I am the very opposite. It just so happens that I am capable of using your emotions, be it for you or against you.

29 April 2010


Thanks to a certain someone, I am thinking of rules. Why is the world governed by rules? Because chaos would rule, surely, but why do we need personal rules on top of the "legal" ones?


Rules for relationships:
1. Don't cheat.
2. Don't lie, unless it's for their own good.
3. Don't hurt them.
4. Don't make them cry.
5. Don't lead them on for no reason.
6. Support them in whatever they want to do.
7. Stand up for them if someone else says or does something to offend them.
8. Don't get drunk. You will say something you will regret.
9. Respect their family.
10. Don't be clingy. Respect their free-time and their friend-time.
11. Dance with them.
12. Kiss them.
13. Say "I love you."
14. Don't say "I love you" if you don't mean it.
15. Don't belittle them.
16. Listen to them.
17. Communicate problems.
18. Make them feel good.
19. Give them backrubs.
20. Don't ask about their past girlfriends.
21. Don't belittle their past girlfriends.
22. Spend time together, but don't let them become your whole world.
23. Don't take all their money. Don't make them buy you things.
24. Don't push them away. Embrace them.
25. Leave them little reminders to show that you care.
26. Discuss important matters.
27. Love them!

These are my own rules that I do my best to follow. Some of them, I have broken; others, I break on a regular basis. When I follow them, I make him feel his best, which in turn makes me feel good. When I break them, he gets upset, which upsets me. The emotions flow back and forth so easily--in order to keep the emotions positive, I must follow the rules.

The rules are only mine; I must not hold anyone else to the rules. He cannot break the rules because they are not his. You cannot break the rules because they are not yours. If you have your own rules, follow those. Leave me to mine.

Hope in the Face of Destruction

Today I went with a response team to a fire scene where two homes were destroyed and a third had received significant external damage. The residents had gone to bed the night before, not aware that, the next morning, their homes would be gone. When I arrived on the scene, the damage was already done; the homes were torn apart, and a smoking pile of ashes was all that was left of the cause of the fire: an old storage shed. Thankfully, everyone got out of the homes without injury--even the pets escaped. However, the damage was irreparable; only bits and pieces could be salvaged. Though there was destruction everywhere, the now-homeless people, including an expecting mother and a few children, were surprisingly hopeful; the mother was happy that everyone got out safely, and everyone was happy when they saw their cat, Snickers, sneaking up to them from across the yard.

The human spirit is an amazing thing. Even when everything, every possession one owns, is destroyed, hope still springs from the depths of the heart. When nothing else is left, we are thankful that we are still alive, that our family members are safe and sound. People start to realize how important their friends and families are, but sometimes, sadly, it takes a tragedy to bring this realization to light.

28 April 2010

The Empath, an Introduction

  • A person capable of psychically reading the emotions of others.
  • Possesses the ability to sense the emotions of other sentient life forms.
  • One who has the ability to psychically tune into other people and may also express precognition. A certain feeling of ease or unease with situations and others involved.
An empath is a person who can feel the emotions of other people. These feelings can be positive (joy, excitement, love) or negative (anger, frustration, fear). The empath does not always want these feelings and can feel violated by the emotions of others. However, the empath cannot always block these feelings and often has to deal with the emotional residue of others before she can deal with her own. (I use "she" as a general term because I am a female.)

This blog will delve into the life, the thoughts, and the emotions of an empath. Her pseudonym: Ravyn. Welcome to my world.