28 April 2010

The Empath, an Introduction

  • A person capable of psychically reading the emotions of others.
  • Possesses the ability to sense the emotions of other sentient life forms.
  • One who has the ability to psychically tune into other people and may also express precognition. A certain feeling of ease or unease with situations and others involved.
An empath is a person who can feel the emotions of other people. These feelings can be positive (joy, excitement, love) or negative (anger, frustration, fear). The empath does not always want these feelings and can feel violated by the emotions of others. However, the empath cannot always block these feelings and often has to deal with the emotional residue of others before she can deal with her own. (I use "she" as a general term because I am a female.)

This blog will delve into the life, the thoughts, and the emotions of an empath. Her pseudonym: Ravyn. Welcome to my world.

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