29 April 2010


Thanks to a certain someone, I am thinking of rules. Why is the world governed by rules? Because chaos would rule, surely, but why do we need personal rules on top of the "legal" ones?


Rules for relationships:
1. Don't cheat.
2. Don't lie, unless it's for their own good.
3. Don't hurt them.
4. Don't make them cry.
5. Don't lead them on for no reason.
6. Support them in whatever they want to do.
7. Stand up for them if someone else says or does something to offend them.
8. Don't get drunk. You will say something you will regret.
9. Respect their family.
10. Don't be clingy. Respect their free-time and their friend-time.
11. Dance with them.
12. Kiss them.
13. Say "I love you."
14. Don't say "I love you" if you don't mean it.
15. Don't belittle them.
16. Listen to them.
17. Communicate problems.
18. Make them feel good.
19. Give them backrubs.
20. Don't ask about their past girlfriends.
21. Don't belittle their past girlfriends.
22. Spend time together, but don't let them become your whole world.
23. Don't take all their money. Don't make them buy you things.
24. Don't push them away. Embrace them.
25. Leave them little reminders to show that you care.
26. Discuss important matters.
27. Love them!

These are my own rules that I do my best to follow. Some of them, I have broken; others, I break on a regular basis. When I follow them, I make him feel his best, which in turn makes me feel good. When I break them, he gets upset, which upsets me. The emotions flow back and forth so easily--in order to keep the emotions positive, I must follow the rules.

The rules are only mine; I must not hold anyone else to the rules. He cannot break the rules because they are not his. You cannot break the rules because they are not yours. If you have your own rules, follow those. Leave me to mine.


  1. Excellent rules. I think it's something a lot of people could apply.

  2. Great rules. Also,

    " He cannot break the rules because they are not his. You cannot break the rules because they are not yours. "

    I love the language you use here. Do you mind if I use this in a story some time?

  3. Number 11 needs to happen. Quit breaking it!