30 April 2010

The Power

As an empath, I sometimes feel like I have a certain power over others. I understand their feelings and what it would take to make them feel one thing or another. I know what I would have to do to change their emotions. I know what to do to make them smile; I know what to say to make them cry.

I don't enjoy making people cry, since it upsets me almost as much as it upsets them, but it's an interesting power to employ. Usually, I keep this ability locked up; I hate making people cry. Sometimes, however, it just happens--usually when I feel it would be beneficial to me (this is mostly an unconscious process) or if my inhibitions are lowered (see rule 8) and I care less than I usually would.

Empaths can be powerful beings. Be wary around them. But don't think me a cruel, heartless being; I am the very opposite. It just so happens that I am capable of using your emotions, be it for you or against you.

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